In Specialty Phase, should I change my plan?

So my current plan kicked in the cyclocross specialty phase because I was planning or a cyclocross event. However, the event was canceled.

Most of my riding tends to be more endurance rides or road group rides. Right now, with less daylight and winter kicking in, I might get a ride or two over the weekend

Right now my biggest challenge is going up long climbs. I’m a bigger guy and right now I can’t sustain enough power to keep up with a lot of the group. I get to the top…slowly… On the rolling hills and flats, I’m fine. A sustained climb, I’m just not that quick.

I’ve been thinking about seeing if I could change the specialized phase of the plan to something more targeted towards climbing.

But having said that, I have to say I’ve enjoyed the punchy nature of some of the cyclocross workouts… Is there any harm in sticking with the cyclocross specialty phase considering I don’t do a lot of that type of riding? Will I still gain some benefit?

If I wanted to change the specialty phase only, how would I do that?

If you don’t have an event coming up in the next 2-3 months then I would just say do whatever is fun. Maybe do a bit of both. Do some punchier cyclocross type work during the week and the go out on longer rides on the weekend and hit some more sustained climbs at SS/threshold.

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