Changing Speciality Phase in PB

Looking at plan builder for next season. I am running through and estimating the usual dates for two of my A races for the year. The end of May is a road race while mid August is a TT.

Ultimatly TTing would be more important and I’m messing with plan builder. When doing the end of May as a RR after a base/build/base/build block. The build is general and speciality is rolling road race. If I enter the May race like a TT it does base/build/base/build as sustained power and the specialty section is 40k TT.

I would like it to be the base/build/base/build being sustainted, which it does when I label the race as a TT, but I would want that speciality to be rolling road. Is there a way to change that? Only asking because I’m not seeing it in the app, or here.

  1. You need to start by having the PB applied to your calendar.

  2. Go to the start of your desired phase (Specialty), which is the annotation on the first day of that phase.

  3. Open that annotation, and you can change the volume and precise plan on that annotation (dropdown menu) and then click “Update”.


Awesome! Thank you.

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