Changing plan discipline

I’ve searched the forums and the help articles but can’t find the direct answer to this question: I started a Low Volume XC Olympic plan last November. My season plans have changed and I’ll now mostly be doing longer gravel events rather than XCO, concluding with an A gravel event in October. How do I keep the existing plan details (volume, training days, etc.), but change the discipline? Or is it not possible and I need to delete the existing plan and create a wholly new one?

You cannot change the whole plan. If that is what you want to do you need to delete your plan and create a new one using the original start date.

However, you can change each block. Click on the start of the block in your calendar - here is a screenshot of me looking at my build block. I think I have seen a TR help article about this, but couldn’t find it in my quick search.

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I don’t see where you can change the discipline per block?

Click on the word “Build” on your calendar

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Still no place to change discipline specifically. Is the idea that I have to change from “Short Power Build” to “Sustained Power Build” for all of the build phases? What about the Base phases? And for Specialty do I change it to “Gran Fondo”? Sorry if I’m being dense but this seems kind of unintuitive. Is the better approach just to delete the plan and start all over? Thanks.

Did you use PlanBuilder, or manually select the XCO plan?

If PlanBuilder, you should be able to change your event types and the plan should then adjust the specialization blocks appropriately. I have mixed event types through the season, and it seems to pick fine - rolling road or similar for long gravel races, XCO for my mountain bike races, etc. The base/build blocks will still be there, and you can adjust the volume by block or per workout, if needed.

If you selected XCO manually, then you can either remove it and start a new plan (which you can back date the start, I think, to avoid re-doing base/build). But, since your A race isn’t until October, I’d probably just delete it and use Plan Builder instead (and add B and C races so you get appropriate build/speciality blocks for those).

You are right - the discipline is set in plan builder at the start. Whatever discipline you select is what drives the type of build and speciality plans you get within your overall plan builder, You can change each block to a specific type of build or speciality.

Others can chime in and provide more guidance, but if you are switching to longer focused races I think going with Sustained Build and Gran Fondo (or is called Gravel now?) Speciality is the way to go.

If you ware wanting to think about it as a discipline, instead of individual blocks within the plan, it would probably be best to delete your plan builder and create a new one with your original start date.