Changing days on training plan

Can I drag and drop my workouts for a certain day from my training plan to another day. Sometimes I want to train on a Tuesday, the next week on a Wedneday. I don’t want to be too structured, also my commitments mean I can’t stick to training certain days of the week only.

Yes. Tuesday is usually my threshold workout day but a few weeks ago I had a TT on Wednesday so I pulled it forward to the Monday and made Tuesday a rest day. I’ll probably do the same next week.

so do you just click on tomorrow’s ride and it will load today? Sorry I’m not too clued up

yes, you can do that, or go into the calendar and just drag and drop the workout to the day you want.

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ok thanks. One more thing. Can I load a different version of the same ride example Chimneys -1 instead of Chimneys

I have moved rides and the adaptations still take place. The advice I saw somewhere (maybe from Ivy?) was to move it on the day and not well in advance. You can also go into the alternates and pick a workout and the adaptations apply, so that will work for your question about doing a harder/longer/shorter/easier ride.

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thanks man

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