Alternate Workouts - Feature request

Selecting an alternate workout via the calendar is clunky:

Click on the workout
In the dialog that appears, click on the workout graphic
In the new tab/page go to “Alternates”
Select the workout you want to do.
From that workout’s page select “Schedule”
In the new instance of the calendar select the date and click “Add” from the dialog.
Delete the workout you are replacing.

A better workflow would be:

Hover your mouse over the workout you wish to swap out.
The workout now shows three actions: “Alternates”, “Copy”, “Delete”, (currently it’s just the latter two) click on “Alternates”.
A dialog is opened listing and describing the options.
Select the workout you want to do.
It is added to your calendar and the previous workout removed (with suitable warning dialog of course)

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Agreed. I usually use the Android app to swap workouts. Much easier. Click on the alternative → replace.

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I’ve only just switched back to riding indoors (we’ve had a very dry spring, summer and autumn here in the UK) so haven’t been using the app.

The app is fine if you are on the trainer and think about alternates but I find that planning is better through the web interface and the calendar (might also be an age thing!). Just seems odd that the calendar workflow is so clunky.

Just thought of a better way of doing it - will edit my original post.

Totally agree with you all, passing this along to the team for consideration!

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My 2 pence: I’d like to be able to load up an “Alternate” workout straight from the Alternates page rather than have to schedule or replace the days workout :slight_smile:

Yep, doing so from the web/workouts page is for sure a bit clunky. Swapping directly from the workout assigned in the calendar and replacing there is definitely the easiest method for now, thanks for your patience!

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Just to add to this if you have an outdoor ride planned I cant see how you can view alternatives via the app?

Yeah dont like that back and forth you have to do between web and app. Bummer, I didn’t realize that but testing it out, I totally see what you mean.
Passing along to the team, thank you!