Change trainingplan because of COVID-19

Hey all

So since COVID-19 has canceled almost all events on this side of summer. Have any of you changed your training plan for the year?

My A-event was at the end of May but I have no idea if it’s going to happen.
My initial thought is that it’ll be canceled, but it’s two months out and it’s at the end of spring where such epidemics (almost) always fades.
Atm I’m done with my build (sustained), even though I’ve had a bad cold and then the COVID-19 right now so my completion has been less than optimal, my initial plan was to go on with specialty (climbing RR). But now I’m wondering if it would be better to do the 2nd half of SSB and then do an other build -> specialty and swap to general build and rolling RR since that’s the races that’s on the other side of summer.

Any one have a good idea on what to do?

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Is there a simple “recalculate plan” button after removing events or a way to add events in the Calendar? I keep duplicating my plan and then having to figure out how to delete it when trying to go back through the entire plan builder process.

It should just ask you automatically when you delete your event

But the question here is if I should, not how to do it. Should I plan for an uncertain event at the end of May or plan only for the events after summer?

But should I delete it? It’s not certain it’ll be canceled.

None of these is about whether to change plans for an event on this side of summer that might be canceled or plan further ahead for the events on the other side of summer.

I actually had the exact same question… Whether or not to switch to base training for awhile and just train for late summer/cx races in the fall.
I’ve been in a similar boat, between travel and allergies my training has been less than par and i’m also on the build phase.

I’m thinking of switching to SSB and the build and specialty.

My big question would be as to wether or not there’s any real benefit from just going through the whole plan as designed anyway. As in later down the road. My thought would that once you’ve trained your legs to feel a certain thing than once you decided to train them that way again at a later point it could be easier to get back to where you once were, where if you didn’t do the whole plan it might be harder?? Questions I don’t have answers too.

Regardless I’m thinking a bigger base can’t hurt for later races, and I’m just assuming I won’t be racing till at least the middle of summer.


My A race in late April has been cancelled. I’ve ceased “training” and now I cycle for general health. Mostly doing endurance work to boost the immune system. I’ll reevaluate my training goals when the COVID storm has passed.


hey there! here are my thoughts on this, would love to hear what you think:

Good luck with whatever decision you make!


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Hey Brendan, would your position change at all if this quarantine stuff goes into June? Some of the stuff I’m seeing from experts is that this could go into the summer (I hope it doesn’t as Tulsa tough is one of my goal events).

Hey! Honestly, I wouldn’t change it. I get slightly more detailed in video on it but you can make gains now physically that will help you later in summer, even in July! So cross those thresholds, take the rest weeks as prescribed, and keep trucking. Going back to base means resetting EVERYTHING when you want to ramp it back up. You know what I mean?

Brendan John Housler

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I guess I’ll just do a few weeks of specialty while I wait to see, it’s easy to swap to some base/build.

good idea!

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I think I’m going to train as normal and continue as much as possible pretending that it hasn’t been cancelled (although it has).

My event was a long distance ride (200 miles Chase the Sun) and I have plenty of time to decide if I even just do an indoor version of it on the same day (like a Disaster workout).

I think that continuing training will at least increase my base/build so I’ll have even more next year? I can certainly spend some time focusing on spending time in aero position. I’m going to incorporate some more planks and pullups and try and fill in any strength gaps I find.

My A race or race series is Tour of America’s Dairyland in Mid-June. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a no go, but given it’s 13 weeks away, I don’t want to not prepare because it might happen.

I am able to bump up my training volume a bit during the WFH weeks… so to avoid the risk of over training, my plan is to return to SS Base II this week and do 6 weeks of that, and then do an 8 week crit specialty block, which conveniently takes me right to ToAD. My thinking is that in the next 6 weeks if things get worse, or ToAD gets cancelled, I’ll be finishing a base block, rather than completing a build block, so I’ll have more flexibility on where to go from there… maybe build and peak for Gateway Cup or CX season in September/October.

Do I lose anything by skipping my build block? Should I replace one of the sweet spot workouts in SS Base with a V02 workout just to get a little top end work, so the Crit specialty isn’t a total shock to the system?

Good Luck to everyone, while this is difficult, it’s kind of fun to plan things out like this and experiment on yourself!

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I don’t think there is something wrong with extending the base periode. Build and speciality are a build up towards an event (or peak fitness) and are a temporary manner.
What you should avoid is (as I read here and there) is boosting up your training load (because you have time now, or at home from work etc…) That will make you prone to overtraining and infections. Just do as you are used to do. Peak fitness and getting (easily) ill is a thin line.
If there is only one workout should could do in a week, it would be a Vo2Max one.

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This is a fantastic approach!

  • Act as normal
  • You’ll benefit next year, fitness is not lost on Jan. 1th.
  • Spending time on things you normally ignore
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I can work from home so I don’t even have more time anyway. But those are my thoughts as well. I’ve already done my turn of COVID-19 anyway, so I’m not afraid of getting sick, but don’t want to burnout doing too much build/specialty anyway.


My first A race, sprint tri, of the year was scheduled for middle of May. That has been postponed to an unknown future date. With the pools closed it makes in water swim training difficult. My end of season A race Half IM is still a go as far as I know. I’m just playing it by ear and working on my bike trainer and strength. I need to incorporate some dry land swim training as well. This will certainly test our ability to be adaptable with our training.