COVID-19: US races/cycling events that have been cancelled

Starting this as a place to post cycling events/races that have been cancelled here in the USA.

I have heard about Sea Otter being rescheduled. But I’m worried about my upcoming “A” race, the Austin Rattler (an XC marathon MTB race outside of Austin, TX) getting cancelled.

Post the events that have been cancelled and their locations, especially local events/races - that way we can all follow them and freak out together :slight_smile:

My local sanctioning body (Oregon Bike Racing Assoc.) just suspended all of their races for 4 weeks.

Likewise in WA, the Tour de Dung (Sequim 1 & 2) was canceled/postponed. Some of the WSBA racing calendar events have now shifted due to this.

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Rattler is an A race for me as well. There was a leadville podcast yesterday with a gal from lifetime saying they are not currently planning to cancel any events. That said, things are moving quickly and I could see them calling it off if the panic continues to escalate.

My XC race in Temecula is still on. I expect it will be sparsely attended.

I am unsure if they’ll keep Bonelli though.

Wondering if the World Naked Bike Ride in San Francisco this Saturday will be canceled. :thinking:

Yea last thing we need is an E. Coli outbreak in the midst of current events.

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USACRITS - Birmingham Hammerfest has been cancelled

Good to know. Until about three days ago I was planning on doing the three day Cascade Gravel Grinder as an early season target. Good to know it may not be an option.

USA Cycling is pulling all their athletes out of foreign countries but is leaving event postponement up to local organizers based on local government directives.

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Any news on BWR?


Hincapie Gran Fondo Fort Worth

Giro/Tour of Italy now “postponed” (just admit you’re cancelling it!).

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Was anyone else planning on riding the Hincapie Gran Fondo in Fort Worth?
I found out through social media that they have canceled the event due to COVID-19 and you could transfer your entry to the Greenville or Chattanooga Gran Fondo but no refunds will be offered.
I’ve reached out to let them know they have to offer refunds due to the Eventbrite Merchant Agreement.
A little upset I had to find out from the LBS instead of the event organizer and they aren’t offering refunds given how expensive this ride was.

If anyone else on the Forum was planning on riding this event post up and I’ll inform you what they respond to me with regarding the refund.

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They’re allowing us to transfer from Fort Worth to Greenville or Chattanooga so seems like they’re turning a blind eye to this. They also use Eventbrite for registration which has a clause to protect against cancellation.

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Just posting what’s out there showing no refunds. That’s a steep price for an event if I’m reading it correctly. Hopefully you can get your answers with Hincapie or Eventbrite.


The 85 mile ride was about $200.

Hop Brook MTB Race in Middlebury, CT - canceled.

Saw that one yesterday and it’s disappointing cause that was suppose to be my first XC race this season