COVID Race cancelled => Chg plan?


I was planning to do Cannes Long Distance. I’m in LV Power Sustained Build phase week 6.
As Race is cancelled and with pools closed, i’m not planning to do long distances before july. Should i stop this plan and go for another plan, for example to increase my FTP with general plan ?

Thank you !

Probably going to be a while before races resume so it’s time to return to base training.

This is what I’ve been thinking. Today was a test day anyway, so I can start anything. Debating pressing through crit specialty or going back to SSB and trying to build higher FTP into a new cycle… decisions decisions.

When I posted my comment yesterday there was still a few things on the calendar, then today, everything is gone, and even group rides are not advised. And this isn’t only from a virus risk perspective, but also, what if there is a crash and you end up in the hospital. In many places, where riding is still possible, this might not be an issue today, but it could become a issue very soon.

Makes a lot of sense. I wish my A event was sooner… it’s May 9th… no call made yet, so I’m eight weeks out and it could probably go either way. Conundrum even for a coach!

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Having missed my first event of the year due to breaking my collarbone it is now looking increasingly likely that my next event, a B event, at Easter will also be called off as well as my main A event of the year in mid May. Both events are multi-day MTB rides, of 600km and 900km, which cover a lot of country here in the UK. The event at Easter is almost suited to gravel bikes but the A-event is definitely MTB terrain so concerns about injury and unnecessary strain on health services do apply.

I’m currently halfway through Sustained Power Build Low Volume which will end with the recovery week in the week before Easter. I was then going to start on the Cross Country Marathon Speciality plan which just fits in the gap before my A Event.

So do I stick with my current plan after Easter or drop back to something like SSB part 2 and do another Base-Build cycle? I could also pick something “interesting” that targets areas of fitness other than my aerobic base such as the HIT maintenance plans. I quite like the idea of finishing a complete Base-Build-Speciality block which I’ve never done before but equally why “peak” for an event that is unlikely to happen.

I’m in the same boat, along with the rest of the world I guess. My A race for the year, although not until October is already looking like being cancelled. All local (NSW, Australia) has been cancelled until 30 April at least and I’m guessing will be extended.
This has resulted in a huge reduction in motivation for me. I’m thinking I will continue to use TR when it suits such as when I’m forced to stay home, but otherwise will start looking to find peace in my local hills again, riding for the pleasure and serenity (and building base). When it looks like racing is starting up again I’ll re-do my plan and start again. At the moment there is really no telling how long this will go on for, so I don’t see the point in making any plans until it is clearer.

I’m sticking to my preset plans for this year. The races might be cancelled but the fitness required for these races is still key if I would to take part in any later races (either new ones, or the current ones being moved to a later date).

I did some experimenting in plan builder and with my own knowledge last night and I, too, am going to stick with my plan. My body will be ready for a bit of “taper” In a few weeks anyway, and I’ll do some Zwift racing to polish off the fitness from the Crit plan if my A event moves.

After that, I’ll either adjust to race new dates, or go back to SSB2 then Sustained Power Build and then pick a specialty plan. I figure all the short power and crit specialty workouts have raised my aerobic ceiling a bit, so work on sustained power should fill the cup a bit more. We’ll see if I stick to that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m on the bench homeschooling my kid for at least two weeks. I’ll get to ride on the weekend or maybe in the evening if my wife gets off early. It’s a huge wrench in my plans.