Carb loading worth it for shorter (2-3 hour) races?

I am wondering if carb loading is worthwhile for an important, but shorter race.

I do have a race this weekend (nothing like planning ahead!) that has me wondering: Should I try carb loading for it? The triathlon should take between 2 and 3 hours.

Nate has done it for longer races. I can do 100g per hour while training (longest session was 90 minutes – not enough races this year to test myself for longer race efforts). Will carb loading be worth what sounds AWFUL in terms of eating for such a race?

Coach Chad says for longer events like Leadville. But shorter ones?

How much time will you have off before the race?

Race Saturday am. So easy pre-ride of 1 loop of MTB part Friday evening. Very easy with some openers. Nothing in the am. (probably 13 hours total between pre-ride ends and race warm-up).

Thursday - bike and swim (double day)

Wednesday - run and swim (double day).


Personally, I’d still be concerned about not having 100% replenished Gylcogen stores and I’d still make sure to eat loads the night before. If I had a full day off the day before I’d just make sure I eat well, but you want to hit the start with 100% stores. I doubt the morning matters much for short races if you’ve eat well the night before.