Calendar feature request - Remove Training Plan

Hope I’m not missing an already existing thread, but I would love the ability to easily STOP and REMOVE a training plan from my calendar. Life happens, and sometimes I need to shift to the right or completely abort or restart my training plan. With the current calendar, this requires me to individually remove every future/scheduled workout (triathlete…so there are a lot).

Kudos to TP for their ‘stop plan’ or ‘remove’ feature.

BTW: TR is amazing and the calendar just keeps getting better. I am 100% hopeful that one day it will also track my TSS and IF for swim and run automatically.

Deleting Entire Plan

Deleting a plan is just as easy as adding one.

  • When a plan is added, an annotation is added to the first workout in the plan.
  • The annotation shows that the plan is starting on that day.
  • To delete the plan, simply click on this annotation. A dialogue box will open with the option to delete the plan.

This should remove any future/uncompleted workouts from your calendar.
The completed/skipped ones from the past will remain.