Cannot change rides from outdoor to indoor for upcoming days

Hello, I have a problem with the calendar view on the website. I schedule most of my rides as outdoor rides and do them when commuting to work. However sometimes I decide last minute to do the ride indoors, but the website does not let me switch form outdoor to indoor for rides in the next few days. For rides over a week away I have the option to change the ride to indoor, but even for an identical workout (like Shirley) I cannot change it for an upcoming ride.

For now my work around is to use the library to quickly add a new identical ride as an indoor ride.

Hey @markinderhees,

I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with the Calendar, we hate when bugs like this take time away from your training.

Our Support Agents are the experts on this sort of thing, so I’d recommend reaching out to our team at so that they can take a look at your account and help you troubleshoot this issue with you.

We look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile: .


I’m having this exact same issue (15 months later!). I’ve just sent it to support, but if it’s been an issue for that long, I’m not sure what help I’ll get.

Is anyone able to change a workout on the day of from outdoor to indoor? I had scheduled today’s workout as outdoors, but we had rain and the trails were closed, so I decided to do it inside. I couldn’t change the workout on the calendar and ended up having to add a duplicate.

I have had workouts that I intended to do outdoors but ran out of time/ or the weather has changed and switched them back to indoors no problem. Perfect TR support can help you out.

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Thanks for the feedback…are you saying you were able to do it on the day of? I can, and do, make the change days in advance, but when I’m getting ready to ride at 7am and realize I need to change it right that second, I can’t find a way to do it. (Unfortunately, support can’t respond or make the change for me in the moment. You need a few hours or days for the email back and forth)

Yip, I have been able to change it right up to the last minute. I usually use the PC app if that makes any difference.

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Interesting. I was trying in the mobile app. I’ll try on the laptop next. If it’s not in the mobile app, that’s definitely a big opportunity for improvement.

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On the web when you open todays workout, the option to do Inside/Outside is right there in the primary view, but in the apps, you have to click ‘edit’ to change it between Inside and Outside. Here’s how:
Jul-14-2022 16-37-05

Thanks Ivy. It wasn’t working in the app on the day of the ride yesterday, but I’ll try again tomorrow. If you look at my account, you’ll see I had to schedule a second ride Wednesday because I couldn’t change it.

It worked today! Not sure what happened. Maybe user error?

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There are a small number of workouts without an outside variant. Although this number is getting smaller - haven’t encountered any in a while.

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This was an app issue (or in hindsight maybe a user issue). I couldn’t change from the outdoor to the indoor version.

Glad to hear it! Happy to help.

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Hi Ivy,

This happened to me again today. I needed to change my outside ride to inside on the morning of the workout, and the change was not available. It was there yesterday, but not this morning (day of the ride). I ended up deleting the workout and doing a TrainNow suggestion instead.

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Again this option isn’t available on the day of in the app or web version to change from outdoor to indoor as @IvyAudrain has shown. I end up adding the indoor and delete the outdoor as a workaround.

@getbrem I appreciate you reporting this, looking into it now.

This happened when trying to change ‘Andrews’ last week from outside back to indoors?
And Andrews was scheduled as part of your plan initially, correct? Did that happen with other workouts during your recovery week?

Thanks for confirming, we’ll try to get to the bottom of this!

Hey @IvyAudrain yes, “Andrews” and “Cheaha +1” both and yes part of original plan. FYI if i go into next years plan and click on any scheduled outdoor ride there isn’t an option to switch them back to an indoor ride. but if i click on an indoor ride there is the three options for Inside, Outside and Alternates showing.

@getbrem Thanks for letting me know which workouts were affected.
It does look like this is a bug creating this issue preventing you from switching workouts that are part of your plan back to indoors, so I’m updating this thread title and removing the ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’ until we can get it fixed!

We do have a workaround to fix this for you in the meantime on the back end, I’ll DM you so you can let me know if you’d like me to do that (it requires some quick edits to your calendar).
Otherwise, you can continue to use your method of scheduling a new workout as inside when you need to switch back!

Let me know, and I’ll be sure to provide an update on this thread when the bug is fixed.

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Good morning @IvyAudrain and @SarahLaverty, I’ve stumbled into a SIMILAR issue (possibly a bug) that I wanted to bring to your attention. Of late, i’ve been pushing occasional sessions to my Elemnt head unit and riding in sim mode on Zwift to more simulate riding outside as I can’t get outside these days. This morning when going into the calendar to change the current session from Indoor to Outdoor, the “Push to Wahoo” button I’d typically see only shows the SAVE button as you see it in the first attached picture.

This issue is the same when trying it across multiple platforms (Web App on both PC and Mac as well as Desktop app on both platforms)… Here is what I see when trying the change tomorrow’s session (the results were the same with today’s as well)

Note that if I click into the session itself to view detail and change from Inside to Outside there, the button does appear.

Maybe i’m simply mis-remembering HOW i’ve done this in the past, but I’m 95% sure when I’ve tried to change from Inside to Outside from the calendar itself (the first screen capture above) i’ve gotten the PUSH button there in the past as well. If that’s NOT the case and we’ve determined this to be operator error, maybe it’s worthwhile to have the PUSH button added in that location in a future update as well??

Thank you both as well as the ENTIRE TR staff for all your hard work and Happy Holidays to ALL!