Is there a way to update all rides from outdoor to indoor?

Setup plan builder and had all the weekend rides outdoors.
Is there a way to automatically update them so they are all indoors?

UK user here and we’re on lockdown - may do the odd outdoor rides still, but most of them will now be on the turbo until further notice

Hey there!

You can adjust the indoor/outdoor defaults for entire plans by following this procedure:

  1. Click the Annotation for the individual training plan. It will say either Base, Build, or Specialty.

  2. Then, go through and select “Indoor” for each of the workouts in the options menu

  3. Click Update, and your workouts will all be indoor workouts by default.

Hope this helps!

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are you guys not able to ride outside at all, period?

I ask because we have a lockdown order in washington state, but fitness and recreation are exempted, provided that you do it either solo or at least six feet apart from others. You’d also have to be very, very careful (don’t want to soak up scarce medical resources by crashing on a descent or something like that).

brilliant thanks

We are currently allowed one outside exercise a day - solo obviously. We are allowed to shop for essentials once a day. Like you, I’m slightly worried about an accident and ending up in hospital. I don’t want to take up a valuable space in a bed. The same goes for driving incidentally. Why risk it at the present time.

I’ll do the workouts indoors, don’t want to be trying to do an interval and crashing. I will ride outside, but for leisure, carefully and probably doing the shopping that way.

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