Switching Outside Rides to Inside Rides in Training Plan

When I created my training plan, I had put in that I wanted to do my Saturday and Sunday rides outside by this time of year. I want to push that back a few weeks. I went to the calendar and clicked on the plan to try and adjust the outdoor days to indoor days as per this thread (Is there a way to update all rides from outdoor to indoor?) but a) it shows the days as always indoors on the options despite the calendar having Sat/Sun outdoors and b) when I click to adjust the plan, nothing changes. Is this broken or am I doing it the wrong way?

Yea that seems broken for you. You can always click on the individual rides and change them to inside rides. That shouldnt be too hard with Sat and Sun.

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How do you do that specifically? I am typically just finding that same name ride in “workouts” and then loading it as an inside ride. Is there a simpler way?

You on Android, IOS or PC?

For Website:
Click on workout in calendar-> then click inside. This will transfer it to a inside workout on app and website.

For Desktop and iPhone App:
Click on workout in calendar-> Click on pen in bottom left corner → Then click individual/inside