Raymond -1 : Wrong workout of description?

I got Raymon -1 on my calendar and while I was swapping from indoor to outdoor I noticed that indoor was 4x5 min @ 108% with a 30s break mid-set and outdoor was straight up 4x8 min @ 108%…

Is this intentional?

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Thank you for pointing out that discrepancy! We’ve now fixed Raymond -1 and it should reflect the same structure as it’s indoor version :+1:

Please let us know if you run into any others like that.


Hi @Paul_Milke_TR - I THINK this could be the same issue? One is:
Stretch (on the left) or is it Productive (on the right)?

the other is the same workout, same day, but

Edit: Tagging @IvyAudrain to see if you can help explain?

Hello @Pbase! This can be related to the same issue. I’ve ensured that Perkins -2 is corrected on our end. Both should be Endurance 4.9.

That said, you may need to log out of the TrainerRoad application and then log back in to initiate a new sync with our server. This will guarantee the changes I made are reflected on your end as well :slight_smile:


Thanks! Any explanation for why it says Stretch on one screen and Productive on the other?

Hmm that can be hard say with certainty without some troubleshooting/investigation on our end. If this was recently occurring, can I have you see if it persists after you’ve logged back in?

If it does, shoot me an email at support@trainerroad.com. I’ll pick up the ticket myself so we can work together on reproducing the scenario you encountered. Shouldn’t be too much work, just easier to dive into it via email!

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Thanks, but I had to delete it this morning because I could not get it to switch to Indoor from outdoor. This is another issue I’ve raised with @IvyAudrain here: Cannot change rides from outdoor to indoor for upcoming days [Resolved ✅] - #16 by Pbase

Glad to see Sarah reached out to you, we’ll get you sorted out! :sunglasses:

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