Cannot change rides from outdoor to indoor for upcoming days

Hey @Will_Peters!

Good question! We have always displayed “Save”, when you switch a Workout from Inside to Outside, from your Calendar. This is a take action page, for the purposes of editing the Workout itself. Therefore, it is important to make it clear that you are saving any edits you make to the Workout.

In contrast, when you click into the Workout from the Calendar (after having saved the changes previously), we will display the details of the Workout, including information on how your Workout will sync over to Wahoo.

I hope that make sense!?

Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you too! :sparkles:

This makes perfect sense @SarahLaverty. Thank you for clearing it up for me. Guess it REALLY was OPERATOR ERROR! :rofl:

For whatever reason, i didn’t recall having to click into the workout from the calendar in the past to get at the “Push to Wahoo” button. Also I thought I had seen an instance where the PUSH button was RED in the past (much like the SAVE button is)… of course, that could be MORE operator error! :wink:

If I may ask one more follow on question… following the above logic, I click SAVE and close the popup window. if I open it back up, I now get this message…

Checking the companion app I can see the workout has synced there, but as i’m not near my head unit right now I can’t confirm the sync was successful. I assume when doing it in this manner we should be able to bypass clicking into the workout to push it that way?

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hahaha, it’s my pleasure to clear things up!

When you click into the Workout from the Calendar, you will see the pop-out window where you will “Save” changes you make to the ride. If you click on the Workout from your Career page, you will be brought to the ride details page instead. Perhaps that’s where the confusion lies?

ALWAYS!!! That’s what I am here for!

TrainerRoad workouts are made available to Wahoo 3 days in advance. We do not push the Workout to Wahoo. Instead, Wahoo pulls Workouts from TrainerRoad. Therefore, you’ll need to access the Wahoo ELEMENT Companion App to pull and start outside TrainerRoad Workouts. See the screenshot below:

Displaying to “Push to Wahoo” in the Workout details page is a little confusing considering we don’t really push the workout from our end. You’ll pull the Workout from the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion App instead.

This article explains how you do this from the Wahoo app: Pulling from TrainerRoad and Starting a Workout. I’ll raise this with the team! Thanks @Will_Peters!


@SarahLaverty, I’m certain we are on the same page now, we might just be using the phrase “click into the workout” for slightly different items… when I used that phrase, I was clicking into the workout from the POPOUT window where you SAVE the ride changes… clicking into it there pulls up the SAME ride details page as if you clicked it from your career page. :slight_smile:

I knew this was the case prior to my troubles this morning. I had read the above article over the summer and was also reminded of it again this morning when I tried to disconnect/reconnect Wahoo in the Account Settings/Ride Sync page to see if it would make any difference with that crazy button… it DOES clearly state in the ride sync settings that Wahoo is PULLING.

Regarding the button and mouseover text. I don’t FEEL the button text is terribly misleading… if a rider finds themselves at the ride details page to sync the workout to outside, theoretically at this point, they might think the TR software would be initiating the sync and PUSHING it to Wahoo, even though Wahoo is doing the work behind the scenes, so maybe that COULD stay the same. With the mouseover text in particular, I might change that a bit to bring it closer in line with how the help page reads. Wahoo does have TWO apps, the ELEMNT and WAHOO app, the latter of which is for trainer control/firmware updates and the mouseover text isn’t explicit in which one to use like the help doc is (though anyone inside the Wahoo ecosystem should be aware what each app is used for)!


That said…

While this DOES work, in my experience, I haven’t found where i’ve needed to do this step actually. Typically here is HOW I get the workout to show on my head unit.

  1. Click that crazy button to initiate the push (pull)…
  2. Power up head unit…
  3. Go to “planned workout” page on head unit…
  4. Click Sync on head unit (this MAY only work when connected to WiFi though… untested. If not on WiFi, may still need to use ELEMNT app)…
  5. Start pedaling!

Thanks again for all you do!

Hi Ivy, I take it this bug has not been resolved? This morning I was not able to change my outside workout to inside. I first attempted to do so on my phone (iOS 16.2) but the workout wouldn’t load at all. So I attempted on the desktop browser and I can see the workout, but I can’t change it to Inside. I also am not able to change tomorrow’s outside ride to inside. BUT, I can look at next week’s outside rides and the option to change them to inside is there.

Is this an issue with TR, or am I doing something wrong? I never recall having an issue changing workouts from outside to inside at the last minute during my training plan last year.

Edit: I found a workaround in another thread by clicking the name of my current training plan block and changing the workouts to inside there. Glad this alternative option exists!

Hey there! Our devs are aware of this one, but it hasn’t been fixed yet.

The workaround you mentioned is what we would recommend while the fix is in the works.

For those looking for detailed instructions:

Click on the name of your current training phase:

This menu will then pop up, which will allow you to reset your workout(s) to/from Inside/Outside:

Once done, click “Update.” Please note that this will affect all workouts in your current training phase.

You will then be able to click on individual workouts in your TR Calendar you’d like to toggle between Inside/Outside.

We’ll communicate here when we have this resolved! We appreciate your patience.

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