Can’t schedule outside workout

I’m currently unable to switch a workout to “outside” in the calendar. After I click the outside button, the normal save button doesn’t appear so there’s no way to change the workout from inside to outside. Does anyone else have this problem right now? Waiting for my laptop to charge in case it works on desktop (but I’m on iPad with desktop browser now, so I don’t think it will).

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Yep - i’ve just noticed the save button is missing in the Calendar :frowning_face:

i send my workouts not over the calendar, here i always use indoor workouts, but when i decide to ride outdoor i search for the workout by workout name and send the workout to Garmin, so i find it on my Garmin under Trainings instead of Trainingscalendar, possible that this will help?

I am having the same trouble, eventually managed to sort it after the ride using desktop by matching the rides. But calendar was very funny about this still and it took a few attempts to match and the ride even disappeared at one point.

Same problem trying to mark a run as completed. No “Save” button.

I’ve tried a couple of different browsers too.

I got around it by updating via the desktop app.

I’ve raised a support call


I was just about to do the same thing but I guess I’ll keep from bombarding them with tickets.

Luckily 9x3min VO2 Max was easy enough to do without the TR cues!

I had this happen yesterday in Chrome, but I switched to Firefox on another computer and it worked


Same problem here. Hopefully I will manage to remember how Cloud Peak goes :joy:.

TR Response …

Thanks for reaching out to TrainerRoad support! Sorry that the save button is missing on the TrainerRoad website :frowning:

The missing “Save” button is actually a bug that we are aware of. Rest assured, we are looking into it as a matter of priority. Although I can’t give you an ETA, hopefully, we will have it fixed as soon as possible. Once it’s fixed, I can let you know :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience! In the meantime, I can suggest a workaround to make edits to your Calendar. You can still edit the Calendar in the TrainerRoad desktop app

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I noticed that there is an ‘add’ button if I am adding a new workout or activity but not a ‘save’ button if I try to edit existing ones. So maybe you can add a new workout that is switched to outdoor and add it to the calendar as a workaround. I just tried it briefly and it seemed to work. It added to the calendar though I didn’t wait around long enough to see if it successfully pushed to garmin.

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Save button is back again. I was able to make my change from yesterday’s workout just now.

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Hey, everyone!

We are so sorry for the bug you all experienced this morning, and thanks to those that reported the issue to support in a timely manner. Our developers were able to fix the issue in no time, and you should all be able to save ‘outside’ workout options from your calendars now!

If you’re still experiencing issues, of course feel free to contact and we’ll get you sorted!


I’m afraid somewhat similar bug has hit again: lot of longer Z2 rides have lost their outside options (for example, Bandeira, Neblina, Mianzimu, Longfellow). Of course, as those are steady state Z2, can easily replicate on my own.

EDIT: Did report to support@