Cannondale SuperSix Evo (2023)

Looks pretty nice. The top-end model is an eye-watering $15k. But like the highest tier road bikes from every brand, it’s not made for people who look at price tags.

I think the model that really sticks out to me is the SuperSix EVO 2. $5500 for a bike with 12 speed Ultegra Di2, deep (and reasonably wide) wheels, a quality aero cockpit - all on a smartly designed frame? Sign me up…except for the part it’s not expected to hit shops until December 2023 :frowning_face:

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I think they did a nice job with it…looks good, supposedly very light and is reasonably aero.

I kinda dig the Sonic Blue color….

This will most likely be my new bike once they become available.

Sadly in my Country that Model is around 7200$ . A few years back that would have been a high mod model……. Insane pricing that makes it unlikely that I will ever buy a Cannondale again.

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Amazing looking bike, probably this is the time I will give Cannondale my first ever shot.

Hehe, come to Sweden and it’s equivalent of 8500USD with tax and all that jazz…

Even the cheap 105 Di2 bikes around around 6000USD…

This was my thought when I saw the press releases - I think this model will sell very well indeed.

Is it more expensive than a similarly equipped Specialized, Trek, Cervelo, etc?

The reason I ask is in the US if you are looking at a Tarmac, Emonda, Giant Propel, Cervelo or another of other similar bikes; the $5xxx USD price is going to have 105 Di2 and alloy rims.

The Ultegra Di2 for the Emonda SL is $6200, Cervelo Soloist is $6800, for a Propel it’s $8000, for an SL7 it’s $8300.

The Propel Advanced Pro (ie the ultegra model) interesting since the price in Canada is $7900 CAD which converts to about $5800 US dollars. In Australia it’s $7800 Australian dollars which coverts to about $5200. Just odd how pricing can be so different between countries

It’s not really more expensive then the other although the Emonda SLR Di2 is around 400 more, the SL model is 4900$ but has alloy wheels and finishing kit, still you could buy wheels and cockpit for less then the difference… or get the high end frame for a bit more. Specialized is completely out of control they don’t sell Shimano bikes here but the Force model is 9700$. for specialized you come of way better building up a frame then buying the complete bike… Giant has no prices on their page for me, but it should be around 5900$ .

Currently I’m basically looking a t Canyon, Rose, Cube or a Chinese Frameset because most of the bigger brands went mental with their prices…

Cannondale just added a 105 Di2 version to their site. $4500 usd. That’s gotta be in the running for most affordable electronic groupset carbon frame combo. Apparently should be hitting shops this month. I kinda dig the green/yellow color


I like the orange accent. Subtle yet unique

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I’m certainly intrigued for my next bike. Only problem is the only cannondale dealer around me has a serious elitism problem and I noped out of buying a supersix from them for cyclocross and went for a boone instead.

Pretty sure you can buy directly form their site or from other retailers you can find through it.

I bought a CAAD13 last year from a dealer in TX (I think it was TX) and I live in IL.

I can’t wait for about 5 years from now when the top end bikes are 30k+ and aluminum bikes with 105 di2 are 11k.

I thought it was insane when I spent $8,250 for a brand new S-Works SL6 in 2019. Now I know I’ll never beat that deal again…


Yea but still need to ride it first. Unless they have an easy try on period, don’t really wanna drop that kinda cash sight unseen

I keep coming back and looking at this bike. This looks like such a deal and its interesting.

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I’ve been considering getting a road bike this year and it’s on my short list. I like the look of the frame and it seems like they made some smart design choices. The guys on the Placeholders/Escape Collective all seemed positive on in in last weeks episode

In The is ist Senna to me that the ultegra Di2 version is a better deal. 1000$ for ultegra and carbon wheels seems like a good deal…. On the other hand where live the difference is 2500. Sometimes I really don’t know how they price these models….

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I have my hands on a HiMod frame. It’s pretty beautiful. Carbon layup and build quality seems as good or better than my colnago v3rs. Looking forward to building it up. Probably going to throw the standert I have on the wall and ride this instead.

If anyone works for Cannondale or knows how to get ahold of a zero offset seat post, hit a brother up! I have a freaky long torso and proportionally short femurs, so every bike I own (all around 58CM) have 20mm offset seat posts I don’t need. I should have mentioned, cannondale said they probably won’t have any seatposts for purchase until the end of the summer

The BB is nice, I already fit tested a BSA hambini I have and it went in to the stops easily with just hand tightening, so seems like great production tolerances too. Seat post clamp mechanism is also clever and nicely done. I can’t quite reason why the rear thru axle is 6mm and the front 8mm. First time I’ve seen that.


I have a soft spot for Cannondale road bikes; my first was a CAAD 7, and I currently have a 2012 SSE HiMod that just feels like home. Once I sell a kidney and my least favorite child, I might pick up the EF team frame.

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