Cannondale SuperSix Evo (2023)

Save your kidney and sell your favorite child. Much easier.

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Which handlebars are you planning to use? You are very lucky to already have your Hi-mod frame. I’m waiting for a mid to late May delivery

Sorry to hear that. EXS cycling integrated aero handlebar. It’s already on the way. CCache in Oz did a build recently of an evo4, its on YouTube. They do a lot more imaginative things with parts and frame selection that I have seen many places and took inspiration from them for the new bar. So we shall see how it goes. Hope you get that frame soon!

Haven’t heard about that bar before but it looks really nice from a quick glimpse on their webpage. I will probably start with alloy bar and stem picked by my bikefitter and then likely switch to an one piece system when I feel more confident that the measurements are correct.