Most affordable (new, 2023) electronic groupset equipped carbon bike?

So, I didn’t want to derail this topic about the new Cannondale Supersix Evo but a post in it did make me curious. Someone suggested that this model of the new bike was in the running for the most affordable electronic groupset equipped carbon bike.

Curious about what other bikes people would stick in that competition. What would you nominate?

My personal choice is the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 7 - $4,999 for Rival eTap, DT Swiss 50-62mm wheels, and a nice recently redesigned frame. I live outside the US and thanks to exchange rates I managed to pick one up for $4,600 including import fees.


You can get an Orbea Orca OMR (lower tier carbon) with Di2 105 for $4,299 and that includes a free custom paint job!


That is pretty neat, I’ve never really looked at Orbea and what they offer. Wouldn’t have expected a custom paint job. Helps them stand out despite the wheels and (I think?) lack of a power meter on that bike.

You can customize components as well with the MyO program including wheels. You can get Vision 40s for an ~$800 upgrade.

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And truthfully I didn’t really either until this year. I guess partly because no team in the men’s pro peloton uses Orbea. A UCI Continental team, Euskaltel–Euskadi, does use them.

I have a lbs that is an Orbea dealer and based on some browsing and test rides I was convinced enough to put a deposit down on an Orbea Orca Aero with Ultegra Di2. Should be ready in May so I am excited.


Can’t beat Canyon.



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Interesting. That must be a fairly new addition to the site as I didn’t see it there was poking around a couple weeks back. Swap out the Rival crank for a Red on and according to canyon’s numbers it should be 17.5 lbs which is decent for an aero bike with deep wheels.

I wonder if they’ve got the seatpost slippage issues worked out. I know when this updated frame first dropped a number of people on weight weenies reported they as an issue

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Fezzari has great bikes also. Can’t get a full 105 di2 for $3,300. Picked up the Rival AXS last year - love it.

They have an aero frame bike also that is a little more expensive. And a gravel frame.


$3,100 USD

$3,900 USD

$3,299 USD

$3,299 USD


So this definitely isn’t the cheapest. But I would put it in the “best value” category. The Trek Emonda SL 7 Di2. The new 12 speed ultegra is amazing. The Bontrager Aeolus wheels are nice and have a life time warranty and 2 year full replacement guarantee. At $6200 it isn’t cheap but most other comparable bikes I looked at were $7-$9000. I liked it better than the Tarmac

Emonda SL 7


I have an Orbea Orca Aero M10iTeam-D and absolutely love it.

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This is quite the collection of bikes! I’m not familiar with Fezzari. Some very low prices there.

I think it is new at least for the US based site. When I found it on the Japan site I wanted to compare price, and when I first checked the US site it wasn’t there. But I checked again when making this thread and it was listed.

I’ll let you know if my seatpost slips. So far I haven’t had any issues. I swapped the Rival for my Force crank, and so far it has been a great bike. My only minor gripe is that the green color wasn’t in stock.

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Well… didn’t expect to make this post, but my seatpost slipped haha. Was racing in a pretty techy course over the weekend and coming out of one fast corner into a downhill I was seated & pedalling when I hit one of those perfectly shaped dips in the road where the bike drops for a second before coming right back up to you, and I heard a loud crack.

Seatpost dropped maybe 10mm or so but after that it held fine and did not continue to slip. Just enough of a drop to be noticeable but not totally detrimental although obviously far from ideal.

Oh shoot, sorry for jinxing you!