Podcasts - split into bite size chunks


Just wondering would it be an idea for you guys to split the podcast into bite sized chunks? Say 10-15mins long, where each of he headline subject areas is covered in this smaller clip.

I am new to trainer road and loving it. Listened to a podcast the other day and whilst I enjoyed it - it’s long! A lot of great information in there and I found myself scanning through the other episodes, reading the titles.

It wouldn’t be a huge task from a technical perspective I imagine.

Just an idea. What do others think?

Ps - if this is already done forgive me- just not come across it yet!

If you’d like to see it more broken up, check out the listings on SoundCloud. The major topics are listed with time markers.

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Howdy. One solution might be to listen via Soundlcoud. There is a waveform displayed that then has little thumbnails that break down the different topics. It’s been super handy for me. Here is a link to an episode so you can see what I mean.

You beat me to it by a couple seconds!

That’s fantastic thanks both

Yes, I just finished the Build phase of TR Forum and got a nice bump in FTP which makes me a bit quicker :wink:


Clever guy :wink: