Can´t switch to Outside a custom workout from Trainingpeaks

Hi guys,

My coach sometimes creates me a custom workout in Trainingpeaks and till now, I had no problem, I simply pulled new workouts from Trainingpeaks to TR and than pushed to Garmin. But this time, the Outside option is greyed out and I can´t switch it to an outside variant
I tried web browser, in app modification with pencil icon, but nothing allows me to switch it to Outside.
Any ideas please?

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If your coach built that workout, there won’t be a TR outside version. TP should sync to your Garmin/Wahoo though.


Sync from TrainingPeaks to Garmin.

Somewhat confusing - TR has a special library of outside-only workouts. If you create a custom workout, or import a workout from TP, it is only possible to use that indoors on the TrainerRoad app.


Interesting. I did not know this, but makes sense as TR would want to keep TR only workouts able to push to outside.

But, just push your TP workout to your head unit’s app then to the device to do the workout as @FrankTuna and @WindWarrior mentioned.


@FrankTuna and @WindWarrior got it down – if you sync your TrainingPeaks account to your Garmin, you should be good to go!

This article should help if you need it:

TR Outside Workouts are created manually at this time, not automatically, which is why your TP workout cannot be converted to Outside through TR.

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Thanks everyone, so finally I could push this workout directly to Garmin as proposed :wink:

But what will not stop to amaze me, I failed miserably during my first attepmt on the turbo trainer (with power match from my Favero Assioma), the workout was rated as not recommended and I couldn´t finish the second interval…
But when I tried it last week outside, I did it … well, can´t say without problem, sure it was brutal, but at the same time, I have pushed the same intervals but +20-30W compared to the turbo and could complete all 6… and the power meter is the same… so am I really such a pussy when suffering on the trainer? :thinking:
But this is another topic for sure :grinning:

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Thanks for the update. And for similar reasons, my goal is to do 95+% outside workouts.

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