Custom workout with TR outside option

Hi @IvyAudrain earlier today I added a custom workout to my calendar, to match a completed outside workout. The custom workout (“Mild Sprints-ramps”) came from my coach via TrainingPeaks, and TR’s RideSync pulled it into the TR calendar and my custom workout library.

When I search the workout library and review that custom workout, there is no outside option.

However if I pull up the TR app or web calendar, the custom workout has a (TR) outside variant:

Where Striped +5 is the outside option for Striped +6.

And the custom workout and Striped +6 (+5) are vaguely related but not really the same… the similar bit is both define a set that includes a 10x20-sec sprint at roughly the same power:

Is mapping a custom workout to a TR outside workout a new feature?

This is a bug! Can you reach out to Thanks @bbarrera !

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I would love if the custom workouts could be done via trainerroad outside workout platform. It’s way better then if it thru trainingpeaks. I love being able to pause and not stop the workout

Not really sure what you mean by pausing TR workouts. The truth on my Garmin is that TP outside workouts are far more capable than TR outside workouts.