Can’t finish workouts after updating FTP

So after a ramp test my FTP went from 207 to 230. Which in my opinion is a big step. However it may be too high as I can’t finish workouts anymore. I do a low volume base plan, which is about two 1 hour workouts per week and one 1,5 hour. I don’t ride outside since we are in full lockdown. I do some 30 mins strength training twice per week as well.

Should I lower intensity just to be able to finish the workouts, or just go until I can’t anymore, manually lower my FTP or just take a few days rest and then see where I end up?

Drop to 220w FTP and see how you go. If fine then in a week or so go 225 etc…


Finishing is more important than sticking to your new FTP. You increased your FTP by more than 10% - that is a huge increase!

+1 for temporarily lowering intensity by 5%.

Retest with a longer test. They are sometimes more reliable.

I also had a big bump up in FTP about a week ago (234->273), and I had been dreading the next workout.

The recent 90 minute threshold (Starlight -2) was not failed, albeit with killer DOMS.

However , I had just updated my plan also, so perhaps I had the benefit of a more progressive plan following a FTP increase??

I’m still not clear if the latest TR upgrade affected this, but worth asking if you updated your plan before hitting this obstacle.

I had this at my last ramp test… I increased my FTP from 210 to 232. The proceeding workouts were impossible and for over a week I slogged away and failed them all. I lowered my FTP to 221 (where I thought it probably was) did a Kolie Moore progression test which confirmed 221 was on the money. Since then workouts have been tough at times but doable.

I’ve decided the ramp test isnt for me and will do the Kolie Moore test in the future.

Not a coach, but with the new workout level system, could you give yourself 2/3 weeks of better/easier progression?

Ie if the plans have you do:
VO2 5.0
Sweetspot 5.0
Threshold 5.0

Could you insert a week of:
VO2 4.0
Sweetspot 4.0
Threshold 4.0

Followed by another at 4.3, and then 4.7. By this stage, you’ll be ready to take the plan