Can I swap those sessions for 20-40s?

Greetings everyone, a week ago I finished polarized base and build phases of my training, started rolling road race speciality phase and I am having trouble following complicated anaerobic workouts on my hilly circut and they dont really feel anaerobic either, my
questiin is, can I just swap them for 20-30s, 30-30s that I can easily follow in my circumstances, or am I getting it wrong and it will not trigger the same adaptations?

No trouble to do that!

You could use Workout Alternates to find sessions that are less complicated to follow outdoors, and they’d still line up nicely with the rest of your plan. You shouldn’t run into any troubles with adaptations, either.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

Very good to know. Living on the edge of Appalachia gives me the same problem as the OP.

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