Can I change what the garmin says for my trainerroad workouts?

Hey so when I do my workouts out doors on my garmin it says hit an average power in this zone then it has the green, yellow, red bar (like a normal garmin workout). But the only number it shows me on the screen is my average power for the segment. It is annoying to try and figure out what my current power is when all it shows me is my average for the segment. For shorter intervals I don’t want to have to flip the screen up for one or two minute segment I rather it just show my current power and then the range below it.

Read the TR blog post/article about outdoor workouts. They recommend setting up a custom screen on your garmin which you use instead of the default one, because of exactly that reason.

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If you setup a custom screen for outdoor workouts you can use the ‘interval power’ field from the indoor trainer category to show your current target.