Garmin target interval power

Hi there,

when I use outside version of any TR workout (if available), I can see step average power on my Edge 530 as adviced in the blog (Pushing an Outside Workout to Garmin – TrainerRoad). But some workouts don’t have the outside version (for example Kershaw). So I tried to manually replicate the workout on my Garmin Connect. I have set the target power to be a 20 watts interval (as is usual with original TR workouts). But when I started the workout, the Step Average Power data field showed only 3s power, not the average power for the current workout step. It is mirrored even in workout overview - if I overview any original TR outside workout pushed to my Garmin, it says e.g. “Step Average Power 196-216 W”, but with my manually created workout it says “3 S Power 196-216”. Any ideas how to set the target to Step Average Power instead of 3s Power on Garmin Connect?
Thanks for any suggestions.

No, practically speaking. But yes if you have the technical skill:

I’ve argued displaying lap power is the wrong user experience. The goal during an interval is to keep your power in a narrow range. If you make a quick stop for traffic, focusing on average power will cause you to start riding above the target, to bring up the average power. I’ll claim that is also why the TR app focuses your attention on a power graph and 1-sec power number.