Can I add repeated C events, or just one at a time?

Reworking training plan from scratch after needing to make big change to A and B events. Would like to add in my regular weekly Zwift TTTs as C events. Can’t see how to do these as “repeated” but would be a drag to add 6 months worth one at a time. Is there a way?

Alternative might be to set them as repeated workouts, and if training plan builder treats them the same way I guess that would be fine.

With the plan builder you can do it but its cumbersome, you have to add every C event individually on the ‘Add Event’ page. It would be useful if you could say for example, I do an event every Thursday from X date to Y date and I aim to progress from W to Z times.

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The other way to do it is to add the event into your calendar, and then use the copy feature in calendar view. I just tried this, and verified that the copied event comes through as a C event (I set the original to be a C event). Not as simple as if you could create repeating events, but pretty quick.


Wasn’t really aware of the Copy feature. That’s a good workaround. Thanks for suggestion.

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