Campania, Italy. Any experiences?

Hi Guys!
I’m on the travel combining remote woking and cycling. I have been doing it for 3 months. I spent great time in Slovenia and in Italy. I was in Lucca and I’m near to Cortona on the Umbria-Tuscany border. I would like to spend 2 more months travelling and working and I want to go to the south. I’m wondering Campania but I don’t have previous experiences so I don’t know with place should I pick as a base/starting point.
Have you got any experience/tips?

I stayed in Naples for a brief spell about 2 years ago. From Naples down the coast to the beginning of Amalfi, it’s not great riding. Really busy, lots of cars, development, etc. Once you get into Amalfi and the mountains, it’s gorgeous. And the interior - east of Naples, also really great riding into the hills.

If I had to go again, I’d probably try to base out of Salerno so you have good access to mountains and to flats. It’s a quick trip into Naples if you want to for tourist reasons, but you avoid all the craziness of the bigger city. Kind of what you have access to in Lucca.

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I try to avoid big cities and surroundings. Thx for confirmation that Naples looks as I imagined. I rather think about Solerno, Agripoli or even somewhere nearer to Cilento. Have you been there in the summer season? I’m wondering about the weather in this area in November and December.

I’m in Poland - so for me, the weather is excellent :slight_smile: But everything is relative…

I’m from Poland too. Także tego, ziom :slight_smile: This is why I escaped to Italy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been in Palinuro and Marina di Camerota this summer and the riding was great in that area, it’s pretty hilly though. I don’t know about the weather in Winter, but usually in the south it’s much better than in the north.

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