Bike Trip to Europe? Trek Travel - Anyone Use?

Looking into doing a trip next year. Havent decided exactly where? I would prefer not to have to take my bike with me. Trek Travel has some nice options…Something like this one appeals to me.

Anyone have any feedback on Trek Travel or any other options out there?

I’ve been on three trips with Trek Travel and would 100% recommend them. One of the riders I met on a previous trip actually did the Italy Coast to Coast recently and it looked amazing.


No experience but very interested too. Also if anybody can provide insight in the different options (more or less guided; get bike there; length, etc.) and cost. What is worth it and what is not? Last, has anybody gone “alone” and met new people on the trip? Is it better to go with a group/partner?

We’ve done a ride camp (AZ - no longer available), and two of the more involved trips (Pyrenees Sea to Sea and Classic Climbs of the Tour). On our what shall we do next list is Mallorca ride camp, and Pyrenees again. A guy I know through social media just did Portland to Portland (the XC USA trip).

The point to point trips are expensive but when you look at the sheer amount of logistics involved, the cost begins to make more sense. The bikes are always in pristine condition and the guides are excellent, regardless of which kind of trip you go on.

We have gone on all our trips as a couple and there have been a mix of other couples/friends on the trip together/single people.

We haven’t been on their luxury/easier trips so can’t speak to those.

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I expect those I ride with won’t go but I don’t intend to not let that stop me. I have done solo trips before but they were not to cycle.


Yes the ride across Italy looks interesting. More climbing then I normally do but just gives me something to prep for. Good to hear your trips with trek went well

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I seem to recall Chad mentioning on one of the podcasts that he had done a Trek travel trip (could have been a similar company) and highly recommended it as an experience. I’ve been in the market for doing one of their trips for a while


I did the 7 day Trek Travel Bike Camp in Mallorca in April 2022 and had an outstanding experience. It was exactly what I was looking for as a solo traveler who wanted to ride somewhere awesome. There were 12 guests (of all skill and fitness levels) and 3 guides. Each morning they had a route planned out on the head units (I brought my own to use instead) and gave a quick overview for everyone outlining where the van would be parked along the route (with food, gels, lunches, water, electrolytes, etc). Everyone headed out at their own speeds, either with others or alone, for the days ride. I prefer to ride alone, so it was great to test myself at my own speed/effort, knowing that the support van would be waiting at the top of the hardest climb/etc to refill and encourage me. And yes, Sa Calobra is as every bit amazing as you’ve heard! At the end of the each day, they took care of the bikes for you, while you chatted everything cycling with other like minded people. Overall, it was fantastic experience, and in fact, I’m doing it again this Spring (they have a camp in Girona as well, but I chose Mallorca again because I loved the rural hotel estate).

You can order it online but you can just as well get it at any gas station near both sides of the border. It’s super easy, they sell them everywhere - car registration is not required, you just stick it onto the windshield.

Just thought I would update my own post on a cycling trip. I ended up doing a cycling Trip in Spain with Trek Travel. It was a ride in the Andalucia region in mid September.

The trip, accommodations, food etc were better than I ever expected. An absolute amazing trip. Everything was taken care of for you from the little things of water bottles filled for you every morning to the I need help and can you take me back to the hotel. The riding was great and the group that were on the trip were all great to be with.

I have travelled a lot but never to cycle. This definitely was one of my best trips. Now planning for a trip next year.


Your biking adventures sound incredible! It’s awesome to hear about all the places you’ve pedaled through. I’ve always wanted to explore Europe on two wheels, and your experiences with Trek Travel definitely make it tempting. The idea of having everything sorted out for you, from bike maintenance to guiding, sounds like a dream, especially when tackling those long point-to-point routes.