Have you ever been in Tuscany (Lukka surroundings) or Girona or other road cycling area in Spain? Some advices needed

Hi Guys!
Because of the pandemic I have to work remotely. I’m from Poland so Europe is open to me. Right now I’m in Slovenia and this place is just great! But I want to use the opportunity to see more. I want to spent a few weeks in Tuscany and then go to Spain i October. But my problem is that I don’t know in what location should I looking for an apartment to rent to have easy access to best climbs and routes. Finally, I’m still at work so I have to spent like 8-9h a day in front of the computer screen. During the week I have ~2 hours for the training and I don’t want to loose too much time to get to this great places for a road cycling. For example, here - in Slovenia - to the nearest 7km long climb I’ve got like 3km and it’s all side roads with almost no traffic. I would like to find similar place in Tuscany and in Spain. With good weather, good road. Thx in advanced for any info!

Edit: Other recommendations are more than welcome. I just need a place great for road cycling, with good weather, suitable for september and october, with plenty of climbs. I don’t need high mountains, monument climbs etc.

I’ve been to Nerja, a smaller town in the south of Spain in the Andalucia region. On sundays you can join the local cycling club CC Narixa for the clubrides. They also have a lot of routes on their website. I can highly recommend that, but there are similar options all over Spain.

You already mentioned Gerona, but also Calpe, Mallorca are good places.

Welcome to our beautiful country of Slovenia :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy it here, there are many beautiful places to see!

I’ve been (for cycling related reasons) to the area around Calpe/Denia/Altea (quite nice area, not surprising many pro teams go there for the winter camps), Mallorca (amazing) and Tenerife (El Teide is El Teide…)

The islands are a bit more challenging maybe to get to…? I imagine you’d be flying anyway, so…

Re climbs availability, Calpe & Tenerife are pretty convenient (as in “there’s not a single meter of flat” :joy:) but the quality of Mallorca’s roads is amazing (and you’d still have nice and quiet climbs pretty handy, you just have to find a spot that is conveniently placed)

Thx! I know Slovenia very well. I’ve been there several times and this year I spent 5 weeks there. First 3 weeks I was in Skofja Loka. But at the weekends I just take my car and bike and I go to different places. I was in the Alps, on the coast, next weekend I plan go to Rogla. It’s really great place and you, slovenian people are so helpful. I really love this place. If I could work remotely all the time I would really wondering to move there :wink:

No, I’m in Slovenia with a car :wink: This is why islands are not an option. But thx for those recommendations.

I was in Andalucia, to be more precised: around Granada. Yes, I’ve climbed Pico Veleta :hot_face: But it can be next step because it’s quite far from the place I’m right now. I travel by car with 3 bikes and all work staff :stuck_out_tongue: So, my cleaver plan is to move to Tuscany from Slovenia in 2-3 weeks. Then from Tuscany to France (maybe somewhere around Nice) or Spain (Gerona, Calpe) and from there to the south. Maybe Andalucia, but Portuguese is an option too. I’ve heard a lot of good words about Algarve.

I have been cycling in Calpe and Lucca - both are great! Lucca can be a bit more wet when out of season, but still its pretty nice. The town is pretty authentic and there are so many nice little roads out in the hills. Also has longer climbs like Monte Serra which is often used for 20min testing.
Traditionally a lot of pros lived and trained there, but lately many have moved to places like Andorra, Girona, or Monaco.
IMO Calpe is not as charming, it is mainly busy in the summer with sun-seeking tourists. The landscape is more like a desert, but there are a lot of famous and iconic climbs. Like Vall d’Ebo, and Coll de Rates, both of which you NEED to go and set your best time on :smiley:
I stayed at an Airbnb in Calpe and found local accomodation in Lucca (appartment) via a friend.