Calendar Update: Calendar Export!

Showing up on my google calendar in firefox on my PC but not going to my android phone? Did I miss something?

Here is how to get it to work on iPhone.
On desktop go to account–>calendar setup–> click on apple --> click on Manually add your calendar (see highlight below)

Now go to your iPhone–>setting–>passwords&accounts–>Add Account–>other–>Add subscribed calendar and type exactly the url you have on your desktop starting with webcal://…


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Saw the popup on my calendar today. Linked it easily. Adjusted calendar name and color in GCal. Perfect! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks to the team for getting this done. You’ve made my week.

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I have added the TrainerRoad calendar to my Google calendar, and the events associated with training plans show up perfectly. But if I add an event to my TR calendar manually (either a TrainerRoad workout or “other activity”) it is not showing up in my Google calendar even after waiting 24 hours.

Awesome this works great with my Apple calendar thank you v much guys. Now just enable upload from Garmin / Strava and my world will be complete, until something else comes to mind. :wink:

Any chance we could have the ability to change the workouts from full day events to specific times in google calendar?

I would love to be a able to schedule them to specific times instead of full day events. Currently they are locked down and can’t be rescheduled to specific times without duplicating the workout.

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They asked the group the question of whether exact time was needed/preferred. If ‘Yes’, that would have delayed the introduction of the sync’d calendar feature. So, we got this up front (full day), but I think they plan to add the precise time in the future.


I hope that is optional as the present method suits me fine. I am not always sure of when I will do a session.


Awesome! Thanks for your response. I’ll keep my eye out for this feature in the future.

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thank you for shipping this! my most desired feature on the calendar app. :wink:

Well done TrainerRoad… Yet again! :facepunch:t3:

Fantastic job. I will be doing this tomorrow. I’ve been looking forward to this.

Fabulous and so easy to set-up!!

Thought I would share my experience with the calendar sync. I wasn’t planning on using it because I didn’t want to clutter up my (Apple) calendar, but I decided to use it in the Google Calendar instead. I downloaded the Google app to my iPhone and got it synced up without any problems. All good - nice and easy.

I then went into TR and made a couple of changes to my calendar. After reading about the delay in getting the Google Calendar synced, I waited … and waited … and waited until the next day. Still nothing so decided to scrap it in Google and just load it into the Apple Calendar. Now I don’t have any problems with getting any changes made in the TR Calendar to sync up with my Apple Calendar. It only takes a few seconds so I’m happy about that.

Not sure what’s going on with Google and their syncing - doesn’t matter to me anymore as it’s one less frustration to worry about in my first world problem list. :nerd_face:

I like the new functionality. I like being able to pull up the calendar quickly to see the description of the workout planned for that day. I even took a quick look while doing today’s workout to remind myself about the details of the workout ahead of me.

Nice job!

Well done @Nate_Pearson and team,

gr8 start to the year.


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Yes! Big step forward in functionality. Love it!


Yes. We’re doing some updates to the apps. After those are out deep linking like you mentioned is on the list.

This is on the backlog to implement. It will take us a while but we’ll do this too.

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Utterly utterly awesome! The love keeps on coming from you guys.

I have been using Google Calendar for years now for work and play. It has never been perfect but I have been too lazy to switch over. You know the rut you get stuck in? Better the devil you know etc?

Well, finally after changes I made on my TR calendar not syncing through to Google, I have finally made the jump to Apple Calendar. It syncs within seconds and is reliable. So long Google.

Hello the awesomeness that is TR and Apple. :metal: