Calendar Updates: Copy Week, Collapse Training Stress Graph, Help Box

We’ve added a couple Calendar features today. A list of upcoming features can be viewed here: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!

Collapsable Training Stress Graph

Want to see more of your calendar at once? We’ve made the Training Stress Graph collapsable so that you can see more weeks at a time. We also moved the current calendar month to the upper left to make it more clear what month you’re currently looking at.

Copy Weeks

Do you have a favorite taper or recovery week? You can now copy that week to your heart’s content! Just click the three dots for a week then choose where to put it. Simple as that.

Calendar Help

Want to learn about all the cool stuff you can do on Calendar? Have a question about how to do something? We’ve added a help button to the lower left corner that addresses the common questions we’ve had.

That’s it for today, we’ll continue to get updates out as quickly as we can.


I really like the subtle changes to the TSS chart at the top of the calendar. I did not mind the former colors that were used to track trainer vs. outdoor rides. The new color is way easier to see. Great Job!


I am finding the click-on behavior to be so much more cumbersome. Right now, if I want to view the details of a planned or completed work out, I click 1x, which opens up a small window, then click again on the workout, which then opens another tab. Do this a few times and you have a bunch of tabs open and a bunch of extra clicks. Cumbersome. Would love to be able to click on the calendar date’s cell area (not the workout) if you want to bring up the annotation/edit window, and if you want to click into a work out you can get there directly when you click on it.


Noted, I sent this to our calendar feedback challenge. Id personally like more info when I click on a workout

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i can now drag and drop my plan’s start date. is that a part of beta updates, or you didn’t mention it in changelist?

You are quick to notice! We just did that this morning and I haven’t posted it yet. I will later tonight.


Am I missing something or is the ability to copy Activities missing? i.e. Every wednesday I do a club ride, it’s fairly consistent

I just have a generic workout in TrainingPeaks which I use (same for my 200, 300, 400 and 600 audaxs) I dont really want to be manually putting in my repeated rides, so is there a copy function?

Appreciate that the copy week would work however I’ve put in my training plan and I am starting to now work at re-jigging my overall calendar to manage ramp rate… looks like I might have to still use TP for that for now… :frowning:

Don’t think that’s been added quite yet.

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Ah - that explains why I couldn’t find it… my plan is scheduled to start next week so suppose I could just delete the plans and add the activity I want repeating in and copy the week through the year…

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You can copy the week, click on the three dots on the left side of the week.

You can’t copy individual workouts yet.