Calendar not up to date

Dear fellow users,
I have just changed my prog through the web app, so the calendar has changed, but it’s not updated in the trainingapp. I still have the old workouts.
Am I missing sthg ?

How long have you waited? Mine takes what seems like forever to update when I make changes. Might really take 10 min or so. Restart the App to get it to pull the information.

Ok, it’s done! after something like 20 minutes or so. But I thought it was straight away so started to be pissed with the app. Lesson of the story : be patient !!! Sorry for the weird topic

Not weird. I too have been frustrated with the time lag.

I’ve found that when I first open the app it opens to the calendar but it is not updated. But if I toggle over to another screen like ‘workouts’ and then back to the calendar it will be updated. And I don’t think I need to wait any amount of time after making a change on the website for that to be the case.