Strava just won't sync

I load all of my rides into TrainerRoad( TR, other indoor sources, and all outdoor rides)and let them all sync to TR career and calendar. I love the interface and ability to assess the data. At some point, Strava has stopped syncing. I broke the link and have reconnected to try to re-establish communication. At this point the only rides in my TR career/calendar feed are rides I’ve completed specifically on the TR app. Nothing else exists in there. I’ve re-initiated the sync many times and can’t get any data flowing. I was told to wait 48 hours. Been trying for 168+. Any ideas on how to get my Strava feed reconnected so I can analyze all my data from the TrainerRoad platform?


Contact TR support

That’s what I did! I’m supposed to wait a few days and see if it magically fixes itself. It’s not going to, so reaching out to the community for ideas. Thanks!

I had this same issue a couple of weeks ago … Like you disconnecting and reconnecting over the course of a week to no avail. I contacted TR Support and did the 48 hour wait and see process they suggested. I had done this several times already without success so didn’t have much faith. Not sure why or how, but all of my rides re-appeared. I believe in my case I was connecting and disconnecting from Strava inside of the 48 hour window so there was never a ‘reset’ between the two accounts?

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Exactly! Thanks for that info. I’ll not touch anything for a few days and see what happens. Maybe this is the time!


That didn’t do it. I was advised to completely disconnect for 48 hours and then reconnect. So that’s what I did. Re-synced both Strava and Garmin and all previous rides back-filled In 15 minutes, or so. So that was a success! Thanks for checking back in!



Update. Fully disconnected for 48+ hours and reconnected both Garmin Connect and Strava. All ride history re-synced and was complete in 15 minutes, or so.

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I also find it disconnecting now and then (I’m using a 1-way Strava>TR sync, but not the other way). I re-connect and everything updates soon after, but it is a touch annoying.