Running & Swimming pace and length must have

The Calendar is useless for Triathlon training. Why having a calendar if you can’t put in the pace in running or the pace in swimming??
This should be the first thing to build when you launching a calendar.
Sitting between Trainerroad & TrainingPeaks is frustation…

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That’s a waaaayy bigger project. We’d have to know what pace to prescribe to you.

We want to get there. For now, if you know your pace you can type it in the description for planning purposes.

I´m not want to sitting and counting all the kilometers i ran each week, want to have a numbers at summary to tell me. Get a cell were we can write in length off Running, in total distance and show that up on the right side off the summery. Sorry for bad writing in english

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I understand. I think you also want us to import run and swim workouts and analyze the data. That’s on the roadmap.

I understand that calendar is not useful for you until then.


I´m not good by self at coding, but seems easy to write in a number in a cell like that one with name " actual duration" . Name it " distance" and make a summary at the field at the weeks right side? @Nate_Pearson

I don’t agree with this. I think it’s better to have swim and run descriptions on the calendar to plan.

We had many users use the text based workouts before calendar launched. We could have done what we’ve done or not support them at all, which I think would have been bad.

We are moving in the right direction with it and the data shows that people are using it.

We’ve got plans to make it better.


While I agree, that the Calendar function still has a ways to go before its THE first name in Triathlon training, its certainly a huge step forward from the previous system TR used. Its so fast to build and modify seasonal training now. It used to take me an hour+ to recreate a training block into Training Peaks so I could visualize the TSS loads. Now I can plan an entire Base/Build/Specialty cycle in a matter of minutes, including removing weeks from a plan to make it fit my season and moving some workouts around.

I think next year I won’t be renewing my Training Peaks subscription and will lean on Garmin’s platform for running analytics and for exporting running workouts to my Garmin 935.

Besides, if you’re already a Trainerroad user, you’re essentially getting the calendar features for free since they’re grandfathering the pricing in.


While extended run and swim tracking would be amazing, with Strava imports for example which are even on TrainerRoad’s road map, you have to realise what you are asking for. After all we signed up to TrainerRoad and not ThreadmillRoad(@Nate_Pearson after coming up with this during the podcast it just had to be used) or PoolRoad. The team has worked many months if not more to get us this new calendar function. There is now tons of extra functionality that we didn’t have for a long time and if you ask me TR was already an amazing product/service. With the new calendar we can now also start keeping track of other workouts, which, for now, is done manually. From where we came from, if you have other activities to track, this already a huge step up. And ‘just a simple’ addition to the functionality is often not simple at all, and may not even be what the TR team wants to do. The product has already come a long way and I’m sure it will get even better, but this took and takes time.


I would agree with TravisM. Calendar isn’t perfect yet but certainly a good first step. As I triathlete I won’t be getting rid of my free Training Peaks account anytime soon because it does auto import other activities and is a good way to see total TSS without having to do anything manually.


I also agree with @TravisM. I only use TR, never used TP. But the calendar is a big step forward for me as the run and swim sessions now appear directly and I don’t have to search the plan explanations as before. We have been promised further upgrades so I’m happy to wait. Remember if you were already a TR member this is all free!


TR is doing a fantastic job rolling out the calendar functionality. Including the opportunity to add swim, run or other training activities is a positive step towards full synchronization with Garmin…etc. For the time being manually adding non biking activities takes less than a minute per day, not a big deal. Data recorded on a garmin or other device is easy to add to the TR calendar, and the free TP account does estimate TSS values for easy transfer as well. The process of manually entering this data also makes one more aware of what has been accomplished. Definitely looking forward to automatic import of swim and run sessions, but I trust that TR will add these features within their total implementation plan. That’s ok with me.

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don’t forget that there are sprint, olympic, half distance and full distance triathlon plans on trainer road, which prescribe run and swim workouts. I don’t have the time at lunch to do the prescribed swims, but I do try to follow the planned runs for an olympic plan


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@Nate_Pearson can you add more detail on the recommended run paces associated with each RPE bucket? For example RPE4=marathon pace, RPE6 = half marathon pace, RPE7=10k pace, ect. Loving the calendar for triathlon training, but haven’t been able to find specific details on how RPE actually translates to pace.

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I find my pace varies too much with terrain. I gain 45s per Km on bouncy running tracks but lose as much if it is muddy and there are more corners. I prefer the RPE.
On a bike power is power. Running/Swimming Power isn’t.
Once you look up the TR RPE scale it is fine. My mistake was assuming it was as I expected and going too hard.
One alternative that might work for longer running intervals is a heart rate target. They know our cycling threshold, my running HR tends to be a bit higher though, so it’d need a fudge mechanism.
The nearest thing in swimming I can think of is that you can calculate a CSS (Critical Swim Speed) and could program that into a Finis Tempo Trainer Pro, so at least you’d get a beep every length/half length. Finis did used to make an earlobe pulse thing, but not any more. I don’t know of any other devices with live HR feedback. My swim HR at threshold is 35bpm lower though anyway.

@Bryce have we given recommendations on RPE to pace? I’m not aware of us doing this.

For me personally, I’ve found the RPE to be too vague so I feel I end up guessing on pace. For example RPE 6 or Easy-Moderate I have been interpreting as high zone 2 heart rate work. My high zone 2 is ~150-159 bpm. This usually works out to ~7:30 pace for me.

It feels like I could be right, but in the trainerroad mindset where everything is carefully structured it seems like I am leaving a bit too much to chance here if I’m guessing on the pacing.

Curious to hear your thoughts and thanks again for putting together a great product!

We have not given recommendations for RPE to pace conversions in the past.

That being said, there is an active thread that discusses this topic, for those interested: