Completed Workout Not Showing up on Calender

I completed my scheduled indoor workout yesterday using the ios/ipad app. After I completed the survey etc, I got the change in progression scores and it appeared the workout had saved. However, its not showing up as completed (or even attempted) on my calendar today (or on my Strava feed) when I check on the desktop or other devices. It’s a little annoying, especially because I’m now getting suggested workout adaptations for future workouts based on missing this one. Anyone know what gives?

TR reps might reply here, but it’s often best to contact support directly for this type of issue.

Looking into this for you, @jlschrrs!

Hey @jlschrrs! It looks like that Workout has appeared on your Calendar now! :raised_hands:

It sounds like the app didn’t sync with our servers initially. For the future, you can prompt the app to sync with our servers, by logging out and back into the app on the device that you used to complete the Workout, while ensuring that you have a strong connection to the internet.

If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, you can always DM myself or @IvyAudrain, shoot us an email at, or chat with a Support Agent from the app or website between 9am and 5pm PST :+1: .