Calendar options

It it possible to easily copy workouts or annotations in Calendar?

Say I want to put a race in every Tuesday - It would be great to be able to either drag the first race and hold control key to copy it to the next week, or an option in the box to copy workout to… date

The same could work for rest day annotations

Yes, we’re going to add that feature. Upcoming features are listed on this post: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched!

Yes, we are going to add that feature. Upcoming features are listed here: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched!


Calendar looks very cool, though I can’t see my training phase history like before. Use to eb able to see that I did SSB1 then SSB2 then Build then Speciality then… Is there a way to see that summary/history again?

Thanks for always ensuring your system is top notch!

Yes, we’re going to add the ability to see past plans on the calendar (both in the TSS graph and on the calendar). That feature is listed here: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features! - #2 by dr3do

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Knew I should have read more of the forum posts!


AMAZING! Thank you. :+1:

Favourite Calendar feature - auto skipping of trainerroad workouts with ‘outdoor’ rides synced on that day

Hi Nate,
Thanks for the quick reply. After getting my plan back in order and the promise of a progress bar I am quite happy with the new feature.

Only thing missing for me would be an autobump feature where if you dont complete the next workout in line in your plan, every workout within the plan or subsequent plans are moved one spot over. This needs to be optional of course, as not everybody would want this, but it would be the old plan logic applied to the calendar.

As this is not my native language, just a quick example. My next workout in my plan is Carson on saturday. If i was to do a different one or non at all, Carson should be moved to monday and Eclipse from monday to wednesday and so on.

Thanks again,


Jay, you are so insightful! The “bump” is coming but in a slightly different manner than you’re suggesting :slight_smile:.

I can’t say more!! :speak_no_evil:


Hi Nate

I haven’t got the three dots on my Calendar… Running latest Chrome on Windows 10 - Have you had any problems with the coding on Chrome?

I’ve sent a support request.
Wonder if anyone else has had the same??

Check out future weeks where you have activities. They dots today only show up if you have something on those weeks. We’re going to change that so you always see the dots, but the options inside are greyed out if you can’t do them. We think that will reduce confusion.

Ah… My bad, thought it’s for changing weeks around and correcting. I’m not running a plan of sorts - so wanted something that’s gonna be released in the future

Cheers bud :wink:

Being able to see projected/actual ATL represented in the calendar would be useful when you are reorganizing or supplementing the plans. Along with some guidelines if you are going deeper than is normally advised.

We’ve got plans to do this without using the ATL metric. We think ALT/TSB is a little too far down the power hole for the majority of users. We think we can get a better result (am I fresh, am I going too deep) a different way.

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Perfect. I’m not attached to ATL I just want it to yell at me if I plan on doing 3 hards in a row followed by a 200TSS group ride. I’m stupid, I overreach. Just want help not doing that.

Me too! Even though I’m smart enough to know I shouldn’t I need something to tell me objectively that “you’re so so stupid, don’t do this”.

Hello: Are there any plans to allow external sync with google/apple calendar, etc? It would be nice to pull your main calendar up on your phone for the day and see basic TR calendar details (workout planned for the day, workout name, duration, etc.). Sorry if this has already been answered!

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Yes! That’s coming in an upcoming feature. Look at this here: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!