Additional info in calendar

Hi guys

I’m really starting to get used to the calendar and its features. With a bit of work I can definitely see this being much better than Training Peaks with the obvious benefit of also having the TrainerRoad software and training plans included in the price (i’m grandfathered in, so happy days there :smile:).

I am now starting to use the calendar to plan my runs but I think the following features would be great:

  1. A clear breakdown of time/TSS between different activities. I can just see an overall total for all activities.
  2. A way of plotting how many miles you intend to/have covered in a run. I tend to aim for around 25-30 miles a week so it would be nice to easily log and monitor this.

Oh, and I’m still not convinced the TSS calculation for running is anywhere near what I’d expect! I suppose as long as it’s consistent across each week, it doesn’t matter hugely, but having been a user of Training Peaks I would expect to see an hour long interval session to be in the 70-80 region (like a decent interval session on the bike), but it tends to come out late 40s.

Keep it up - loving what you’re doing.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! The ideas for changes we make in the app are largely user generated, so input like this is extremely valuable.

For your first point, this is a planned feature that we intend to work on in the near future :slight_smile:

Regarding tracking miles for running, I will pass this onto our Team as this is not something that is on our immediate radar.