Calendar on phone

So I am trying to plan in advance and have my next couple of training phases locked in so I know wheat I will be doing in october/November Nd plan my races accordingly.
The issue I am having is that on my mobile devices calender (Samsung, using Google calander) I can only see my current 12 week programme and what is lined up for each day (swim bike run).
I would like to see what the following phase will be but for some reason it will not sync to my calendar even though it is showing on trainer road app. (Trainer road app does not show my run or swim schedule)

Has anyone had this issue before or know if it’s something I can fix?


Do you sync all your appointments, or just the next 12 weeks? Do you see those on the web Google Calendar?

For me this sounds like you are not syncing all of your furture appointments to your phone. You should be able to change that in the settings.