New Calendar Frustration

Like many people, I did not get an email about the calendar switch. I also had no idea how to get my calendar back until searching. This was after attempting to squeeze in a workout before work and my phone couldn’t find my career, current workout plan, my next ride, or even how to migrate. Needless to say, I didn’t get to workout that day since 25min later I was out of time and still couldn’t figure it out. Ugghh.

First, already addressed, migrating the calendar with my Training Plan. I found the instructions after quite a bit of searching to get it added, then i accidentally deleted it, then had 2 running side by side, and finally got it backdated with the correct “current” ride scheduled for my TP. I don’t use a PC for my training. I use my mobile device. Why wasn’t this calendar functional with mobile devices from launch? We train with our tablets and cell phones. Or, I am assuming that the large majority of us do… Mobile functionality should have been the priority.

Next, my calendar is now on my mobile device. My next scheduled workout is for Wednesday. I know i don’t have time that day for the ride, so, I did it Tuesday. I did this by selecting the Wednesday ride, load ride, and proceed to workout. When i finish the ride, it syncs with my calendar and I see its been completed on Tuesday. Guess what? Its still scheduled for Wednesday too! On my mobile device, I can’t seem to figure out how to assign my Tuesday ride to the one scheduled on Wednesday. This should be a simple click and assign ride. Not on my cell phone. I can’t even find it on the desktop. This is seriously broken. How hard is it to add a press and hold on a workout scheduled in my calendar, then drag and drop on the day I’m doing it? Example, Wednesday ride is Carson. Click and hold, drag to Tuesday, and release. Or, bring back “assign ride”. Or, desktop or mobile, drag and drop the next scheduled workout to the completed workout to assign the ride?

Going back to feeling that the mobile functionality should have been the priority. When I workout, I am in my living room with a mobile device. Not my desktop/laptop. I also want to workout when on vacation and away for business. Once again, I most likely won’t have a PC during this time. How can i alter my plan without a PC? I haven’t figured it out and I am starting to think it was a massive oversight. This alone has and probably will cause many missed workouts trying to figure out how to address this unless i have an extra 30 minutes to figure it out before attempting a workout on the “road”.

I have a few more issues, but, these are some of the top problems. These problems are so bad that I, as an annual subscriber, am unsure if its worth it to pay for a training plan that I can’t follow with my mobile device. This is even with grandfathered pricing. Any workout missed due to frustration of trying to find, assign, migrate, or auto skipped workouts isn’t worth following or paying for. Yes, I am that irritated right now. I’ve got 5 more months on my account and currently don’t plan on renewing if it isn’t fixed. I require a training plan that i can manage on my mobile device (which is why I started with TrainerRoad in the first place). With this beta type of calendar, I simply can’t. I say “simply” because either I haven’t figured it out yet, or, it doesn’t exist. Both reasons are enough increase the frustration. More frustration= less training time. Less training time means i need a new training plan. Or, just my old training plan back.

Ok, done with my somewhat rant and back to hoping at least these get fixed, added, or addressed. I can’t train if I can’t manipulate it on my mobile. How did the beta not notice a problem with this before forcing us to use it?Drag and drop, calendar manipulation, and assign ride.


Tap on a workout in your calendar and to the right of the workout date, there is a “Select” button. Tap on that and you can put your workout wherever you want on the calendar.

There is no “Select” button on my mobile device. Only “Load Workout”.

Once again, I started TrainerRoad to use with my phone. I shouldn’t have to login to my computer just to move a workout so it’ll show up on the right day. The old Career on my device would simply allow me to select the next workout, complete it, and it would be marked as done. Not any longer.

I guess when they define training plans as “structured training” they really mean it. My day to day life is apparently not structured enough for the new calendar.

I just had to do the same thing to move workouts from the planned Wed & Thurs to Tues and Wed to accommodate my life schedule and yep, you’re right. Easy to do from the web browser by selecting and changing the date but no such option in the mobile app.

Similarly, you can simply ignore the date and click on the workout, but then you get a duplicate entry on the actual and the planned date. Again, easy to delete from a web browser, can’t be done from the app.

I’ve also noticed that there is a disconnect between the Mac/iOS app and the desktop/browser versions. (they behave differently which is definitely confusing and frustrating). That said, this is the first iteration and I’m sure they will work to address this soon. I’d honestly be surprised if the trouble this causes users outweighs the value/benefits of using TR.

As a workaround, could you just ignore the duplicate workout in the app if you’ve already done it early and load up the next workout as intended later in the week? Assuming that make the app refresh and stop suggesting the repeat workout?

Edit: Also, to make things a little less frustrating you can always use your mobile browser to make a quick date change. I just did it and it took 10 seconds w/ Chrome for iphone.

The workaround until the app and browser are at parity is to use the browser to either change the date of the workout or do the workout, which creates a second entry on he calendar then delete the original one. An annoyance to some, but it’s not that big a deal.

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This is annoying at a minimum. Without service or wifi, simply impossible. Old system would keep track of my future workouts, completed workouts, and past workouts without any service at all on the device. It just wouldn’t update on the website or sync until I got service again. Still, zero workarounds in order for it to function correctly.

This shouldn’t have been an issue requiring fixes. The calendar has been out in beta for a while, yet, released when it is known to not function fully on mobile devices. If it did, they wouldn’t say you need to manipulate the calendar on desktops only.


Seriously how often are you doing a TR workout where you don’t have access to cell service or wifi? Do you live in a bomb shelter?


Does it matter where I live or how much data i have on my plan or if I feel like connecting to the hotels public wifi?

The old “Career” would allow me to train without it and I could assign rides, do my next ride early, do my next ride late… it didn’t matter and would stay on track. Without online, web browser based manipulation.


I was referring to “Select” button in web version of the calendar. And yes - mobile app is not there yet.

Having to move workouts around manually is a pain for me as well. Being able to do workouts a day early or late was much more simple without the calendar. My main problem is, that I tend to do workouts close to midnight. If I start past midnight, I have to move my workout to the next day, otherwise that workout will be marked as “Skipped”.

As far as this goes, you will, unfortunately, need to use the website to delete the “duplicated” second workout. You can do this in a mobile browser like Google Chrome or Safari, or use a desktop browser to do so. About the other issues you mentioned, I’m so sorry that the Calendar release disrupted your training routine! We wanted to release the Calendar as soon as possible to get it into the hands of our users but made the mistake of launching before it was fully compatible with our apps, and not just on the website. Bringing full, seamless functionality to the mobile and desktop apps is our highest priority, and we’re not working on anything else until we get that all straightened out.


“we’re not working on anything else until we get that all straightened out”
Any progress on getting mobile app usable for editing the schedule?

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Plenty of progress, but I have nothing to officially announce yet…
Keep an eye out for updates coming soon!

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