Calendar right hand display - dumb question

Hello, im new to TR training plans so a dumb question im afraid… against a number of weeks, the left TSS score is much higher than the right which i’ve interpreted as Actual / Planned even though it shouldn’t be. An example of this is Wk2 sustained power build where i recorded 444 / 249, however i believe it should show 444 / 444 (as i followed the plan).

Am i missing or misreading something?

Hopefully the below PNG image will show the example

Yes, I believe it is supposed to show actual vs plan. Were the last 2 TR activities originally planned, as the ‘plan’ figure matches the sum of time for the first 3 activities of the week?

Yes they were which is why I’m struggling to understand what’s happened. I have the same for two other weeks as well

Hey there @Paul,

I took a look at your account to look into this issue for you, and it looks like your weekend rides registered as unplanned rides, which you can see in the below screenshot.

Looking at your screenshot, it looks like the “planned/unplanned” info is left out since you are a little more zoomed in than me. To zoom out and view this information, press “ctrl” (or command on Mac) and the “-” key at the same time. To zoom back in, hit the “ctrl” key and the “+” key simultaneously.

I’d like to mention that your completed workouts should automatically assign to their planned workout, but if things can get out of sync for one reason or another, we can manually correct things fairly easily. What you’ll want to do is:

  1. Add a workout manually that matches the workout you completed on that day. So for example, you will click on the tile for Feb 2, select “Add Workout,” and add Spruce Knob to the Calendar. At first, it will show up as “Skipped,” but we resolve that in the next step
  2. Now, click on the completed “Spruce Knob” workout and associate the completed ride with the planned ride.

Your workout will now show up as planned in the TSS totals

Let me know if you have any other questions for me!

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