Calendar glitch

How do I get a training plan to start on Monday instead of Friday? It says it will start it on Monday but it begins on Friday instead.

Click onto the Monday in the calendar and add it.

That’s what I did

Are you trying to put it into Monday 25th November? (A date in the past) as that’s what it looks like you are attempting, as the system will add the ramp test into the 1st available day (today) miss workout 2 (Mount Field) and add Baxter into Sunday.

If you want the plan to begin on a Monday you need to add it to the next available Monday - 2nd December.

Thanks I guess I’ll just have to go through and add each workout manually.

Just add it to Monday 2nd and drag the 1st weeks sessions into this week and then pull week 2 in a week. That’s all you need to do. All the other weeks will follow suit.