Clean the calendar to start fresh

My calendar is full of activities from a training plan that I started some time ago but did not finish. I want to start again. How do I clear everything from the calendar to populate it with a new training plan?

Have you tried deleting the training plan from your calendar?


Thanks. Sorted

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How do you clear the training plans from the calendar on a mac?

Do it on the web calendar, regardless of platform. You click on the banner for the date that your plan starts, then you get a pop-up and select the option ‘Delete Plan’.


I don’t think I saw that. I had already deleted the initial ramp test, so it looked like the *plan start was no longer there.
No worries I deleted all workouts individually.

Well, then your next best option would have been to delete each week using the ‘Clear Week’ function by clicking on the 3 dots at the end of the week.

… or delete all workouts individually :slight_smile:

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