Feature request: Calendar workout entries, hover for more information & details

Hello, I have been using the calendar and find that I would be able to save time if when I hover over a workout in the calendar, if a bubble would open and give me more information.
For example, I am doing a triathlon plan and some workout names don’t fit so I can read the full description of the workout (e.g. base run + an…).
Also, if I could read the workout description, without having to click open the calendar entry that would also be great as there are workout descriptions for the runs and swims.
Lastly, sometimes I have to swap out rides and if when I hovered over a ride, if it told me what type of a ride it was (e.g. sweet spot, endurance, …) I could then search for a workout of a similar nature but shorter in duration that fits with the amount of time I have available that day to train.
I hope this makes sense and thank you for the great product.


These are all great suggestions @vanbc!

I’ll pass these onto the team for future consideration :slight_smile: