Calendar behaves oddly

Hey guys,

Had this oddity going on for a while, but this is what happens every time I open TR calendar, first time after a day or so.

  • It always opens with a window to add a new workout, which I need to cancel every time. Sometimes it adds the workout anyway, regardless if I click cancel.
  • The timeline/TSS displays 10 years, while normally it displays only 1 or 2?

Is this some sort of a bug? I hit Refresh and it then seems to go back to normal, but comes back next day.

Thank you!

I reported the timeline/TSS bug a while ago - for me it would work correctly when moving to the page but then show all my rides from several years ago, including TR workouts, when I refreshed/reloaded the page. Just tried this again and it works correctly so it looks like an intermittent bug which are really hard to track down.

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Hey @nordic,

Would you mind reporting this to our Support Team at Bugs reported in this manner help us to pinpoint and track bugs, which allows us to resolve them more effectively.


Sure, I will. I’ll get a proper screenshot when it happens again, most likely tomorrow.

Best regards