Calendar - recurring workout issues


I have settled on using TrainerRoad for planning and tracking my training, indoor and outdoor, after trying most of the other options as I like the calendar and depth of plans and workouts.

I’ve added a low volume plan to my calendar, then added my weekly club rides as recurring outdoor activities, with estimated TSS. However, I appear to have accidentally added a ride on a Monday - although deleted and not showing on the web-based calendar, the TSS shows up on the weekly summary page and in the iOS app.

I’ve tried clicking the “view online” link, but as the workout doesn’t exist on the calendar, this doesn’t take me anywhere and I can’t see any other way of deleting these “phantom” workouts.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or got any suggestions as to how to tidy up the calendar?


Just to follow up on this - I referred the issue to the support team and, following various testing, adding / removing workouts etc., they have been able to resolve the issue for me.


Glad we were able to get that sorted for you Ben!

Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you run into any other issues down the road.

Happy Training!