HRM - Ant+ / BLE - recommendation


I currently use a Garmin HRM for outside riding which communicates with Garmin Head Unit through Ant+ but has no BLE channel.

I’ve been happy to ignore HR as a metric whilst training on Turbo, but it might be nice to compare HR trends particularly on Over Under intervals which I find tough.

I’d like a recommendation for a HRM which ideally has Ant+ for Garmin outside and BLE to connect with Phone / Tablet when doing turbo sessions.

Can anyone recommend something at the £50 / $70 mark which will fit the bill?



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I don’t know the exact price ATM, but I have been very happy with the Wahoo Tickr X for a year now.


Yes, Tickr is solid.

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Agree with TICKR. I don’t think you need the TICKR X. That records data for syncing later. The regular TICKR has been going strong for me for 3+ years.

Excellent, thanks all will take a look at the TICKR.


+4 for the Tickr👍

+5 for the Tickr, have been using one for a few years and it has been faultless.

I use a Garmin HRM outside and a Scosche Rhythym+ inside. You could use the Scosche outside as well as it is both ANT+ and BLE (I did for a time) but it just contributed to the weird tan lines. :wink:

+6 for the TICKR

A vote for Scosche from me. I bought mine second hand rhythm+ off eBay fairly cheaply and for my indoor sessions it’s great. I run TR off my phone via Bluetooth and record on another head unit with ANT+


Very interesting as I’m in the same situation, done my first ramp test tonight but used my Garmin head unit for heart rate, but it would be good to have all metrics on TR, will the smart trainer and the heart rate monitor both work at the same time on blue tooth,

+7 for Tickr. It connects, it’s accurate. Battery lasts. It copes with sweat and rinsing.
Wahoo stuff isn’t flashy, but it usually good quality and accurate. Price is highish but support is good.

4iiii has one too. Their stuff is solid.

I’ve been running the 4iii, its been a great little unit, I had an issue with it when I first bought it, but they replaced it with the updated unit free of charge…
I love that the unit clips together with out the use of silly little hooks.

Though their software could do with a bit of a clean up.

It also works as an Ant+ pass thought to BLE (the reason that I originally bought the unit)

Is there a trick to getting TR to recognize the Viiiiva? It shows up in Zwift and the 4iiii app, but not in TrainerRoad. Tried on both iOS and macOS. Strangely, the ANT+ pass-through is working, but the HRM itself is a no-show.

+8 for Tickr. Works great and the strap is holding up well to very frequent use.

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I use the Viiiiva HRM almost daily w/TR via ANT+ on a MacBook Pro. HR works fine.

I have not used it via Bluetooth in a long time. My guess is that if you look in “Devices”, you will see the Viiiiva paired as a power meter. If so, that is likely your problem. Are you bridging ANT+ devices via Bluetooth to your iOS or MacBook?

Amazing to me how many people recommend the Tickr. I think the strap on the Tickr is absolute garbage. Personally, I’ve always preferred Garmin HRM and now that they offer a BLE/Ant+ version, I can’t imagine a reason to choose anything else.

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Bluetooth items like to only connect to one thing at a time.
Make sure you only have it connected to one thing.

I prefer the Tickr strap myself.