HR (strapless) measure on phone app for Morning

I use my phone and another app to measure my HR when I wake.

Do you think using the TR app to record and sync into the calendar would be a thing?

Doubt it. Hearing how much money Nate will throw at any given life hack, he would just tell you to get a fitbit or similar 24 hour hr monitor :wink:

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From the ‘big data’ thread it is clear that TR are looking to pull in a lot more information that will contribute to more productive workouts/getting faster. Information from wearables will probably form part of this, but as alluded to above it would make sense for them to look at all day wearables from established manufacturers rather than a phone app that takes a snapshot of your HR ( I assume it is the type that uses your phone’s camera flash). At least initially.

Bear in mind things like accuracy, product lifecycle, third part app integration etc. All wearables from the big players will consider this to a large extent. A small often free app on the app or google play store might not, or might be limited to their own software or Apple health.

plus there are loads of them with no guarantee of longevity in the market. Basically it’s a good idea but don’t hold your breath would be my guess!


Santa bought the wife a new Apple Watch so I got her hand-me-down Fitbit Blaze. I’ve been using it for about a week now just to start tracking resting HR, sleep and averages. These wearables have plenty of limitations and accuracy issues. However, it will be interesting to watch my HR over time to notice any spikes that would indicate overtraining, excessive fatigue, illness, etc.

The Fitbit app and website is less than impressive and certainly isn’t aimed/marketed for serious athletes. So I’d love to see TR have some wearable HR integration. @Nate_Pearson