HRV4T, different reading from different devices


I have wahoo ticker X. I started to use HRV4T recently. What bothers me are readings

  • If I use Apple Watch 4, my HRV is always very low (cca 20ms) / I did not import data to HRV4T as the reading is very low
  • If I use optical lense on phone (iPHone) i get HRV4T readings something like 6.5
  • if I use Wahoo ticker X I get readings around 8.5

All mesurments were made at morning sequentali and multiple times.

So which data is corrent :)?


My take on HRV is that the actual number itself does not matter it’s how that number changes or doesn’t change over time for you that is the important thing. Use one method in the morning when you wake up and be consistent with it. If I miss my morning reading (I use my phone’s camera) I don’t bother with it for that day as moving around, having a coffee not only will give a different reading but also distort the rolling weekly average. Better no reading than one thats way out. Also I never get the same reading if a take it a few times at the same sitting, but they tend to be in the same range. As I said it’s not an exact science - a bit like estimating power at MLSS with a ramp test!!!