C Races: Training Impact

I have several “events” on my radar. These are fun group events. Like a 50 mile Mountain Bike event, or a 200km Road Event. I like to push pretty hard on these. But they are just for fun. No podium. I don’t want to arrive trashed, but I’m ok with a harder training week.

I’ve added these as “C” races. If T/R changes my Adaptive Workout strategy because of these, should I remove them from the calendar? My focus is optimal performance for my only A race on the calendar in late February. I’d also like the BWR to be an A race, but it looks like I can’t have two A raced inside of 8 weeks apart?



  • It will only replace existing workouts with C level events.


  • That is my understanding based on past experience and podcasts. Interestingly, the info on A Race in the link above gives a bit different info. Not sure what’s the reason for the difference?


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